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At our News/Blog, we have a new blogpost, "Women, Populism and the Oracle of Omaha." It follows a review of the travel memoir by Nan Hunt, The Map and the Perfection of Distance. and before that, "A Plea for Peace."  Did you know about Cuba's extraordinary efforts in fighting Ebola in Africa? Read about it here. We pledge to keep you up to date on opportunities in Cuba as they develop.

This site is for anyone who wants to know far more than the cost of real estate or household help. Our articles on Latin American and European countries feature insights on different cultures to give you a sense of what it's like to live there.  We write about manners and behavior as well as climate, geography and, of course, places to live. Each article features resources for learning more. See the listing of countries on the left of this page. In our recent article, Colombia: Transformed and Enticing, we look at the dramatic changes there and why this has become a popular expat destination. Our next articles will be on Ecuador and on Uruguay. (Be sure to check out our blog post, Uruguay - Tech-Savvy and Thriving). Keep sending us your input and your questions. Thank you!

We've continually update our Links pages, where you'll find for job sites, volunteer opportunities, places to study abroad, and many other resources. Thanks for sending us your suggestions. Most are non-profit and we list them at no charge. 

To stay up to date on what's new at and our blog pages, register for Free Updates. We promise not to overload your e-mail box. Please note that any information you provide about yourself is never shared or sold.

Although we don't have a forum of our own these days, we've partnered with an organization that offers the networking we've always hoped for - There's nothing like being connected! And be sure to follow liveabroad on Twitter. 

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To learn more about advertising  or submitting articles or guest blogs or just your thoughts and ideas, please Contact Us. If you have information to share about Ecuador or Uruguay or other countries, j

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